Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sexual Revolution ★★★★★

Sexual Revolution

By: Kris Vallotton

Pub: Aug. 1, 2009

Format: Paperback

Note: I did not purchase this book it was a gift from my old youth pastor. 

(Formerly titled Purity) The world is ready for another sexual revolution! People worldwide are crying out for a sexual revolution! Counter to the sexual revolution of the 1960s, this revolution values virginity and honors marriage. This revolution sees perversion as sin not an acceptable post-modern mindset. Young adults, teens, fathers, mothers, and grandparents want to shake off the slime of depravity and the bondage of religion, and enter into the joy of passionate purity. This book takes a non-religious, gut-honest, fresh look at a subject as old as Adam and Eve.The wisdom within helps you and those you love emerge from the mire with your trophy of purity intact so you can present it to your lover on your honeymoon. While some nations seem to live in a perpetual orgy, and religion relegates the masses to sexual prison, people need to know they can overcome the power of peer pressure and push back the cesspool of distorted cultural values.You can take a vow of Purity today you will never regret the decision!

My thoughts:
I loved this book!! During high school and the beginning of college I went through a phase where I wanted to help or talk to Young Mothers. This book is mainly about premarital sex and the goal to remain pure until marriage. The description of the book says it takes a non-religious look at purity and for the most part that is true, now that doesn't mean the God is not mentioned in the book its just not shoving the Bible in your face. I will say that when I read this book for the first time the first two chapters made me cry, now I do cry easily but it was such a touching story that I couldn't help it.  I really enjoyed this book and I have read it multiple times. I honestly think it's a great book for Christian parents to own to start the talk with their kids. I recall being told about abstinence when I was younger and when I was in Missionettes in the Girls Only group (high school group) we went into it a little deeper. In the world where celebrities are idolized it's hard for a young person to hold to the beliefs being taught to them. I have a close friend who was never really religious and I remember we've had this conversation in particular as to why wait until marriage to have sex, I explained my viewpoint and what she said next took me by surprise. She said that she wished someone had told her to wait and that God wanted you to wait but because she was raised without biblical teaching and I say biblical teaching because she was raised knowing that their is a God and to pray to him when things aren't going well. 

My Rating:★★★★★ Must Have

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