Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Girl On The Train ★★★

Okay, where do I start with this book?? I had read so many reviews on this book and it was a winner for Best Mystery or Thriller on Goodreads, so of course I wanted to read it. I found it on an Instagram bookshop and bought it. Thank You @nightowlbookshop!! You can check out her shop, she has a pretty good selection of books.

So I finally got around to reading this book and I was so disappointed. I wanted to love this book, I really really did! I just couldn't get over how much of a mess Rachel was. Like I had mentioned earlier in a previous post, when I get into a book I really get into it so as I continued to read this book I found myself actually getting mad at Rachel and actually yelling at her (not even joking).

I gave this book a 3 on my scale. The story was good but for me (and this is just my opinion) it was not Best Mystery or Thriller worthy. I'm sorry. I did like that it is written in somewhat of a daily journal entry or recap of the day. There were 3 points of view going on at the same time and I would think that it would be a bit challenging to keep up but it wasn't. Without getting much into it, Rachel takes the train everyday and everyday she passes by a house that she loves. It is owned by a couple "Jess and Jason" and she watches every morning that they have breakfast out on the terrace and eventually feels like she knows their whole life. One day everything changes when she sees something and she eventually decides to tell the police. The next thing she knows she's very much involved in an investigation. Rachel has some serious issues she needs to deal with but (dear Lord) she doesn't seem to want to get herself together. Overall, I liked the book but I did not Love it like I wanted to.

Would I recommend it? I would only because it was an interesting story and if you could get over the fact that Rachel is a (very) Hot Mess then this could be a good book for you.


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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Killer Instinct ★★★★★

I am obsessed, well I wouldn't call it an obsession more like I'm really into serial killers. I do not know why but I like learning about them. So when I read the summary about Killer Instinct I was like YESS this is a book I will enjoy because it's all me.

Okay so this book is about a girl named Lane who is (and she is) obsessed with serial killers. The creepy part is that she has some sort of urges herself!! She is still in high school and in her spare time goes down to the court and listens to cases.

I do not want to spoil anything so I'll try to be brief. There is a serial killer close to home and Lane somehow ends up caught up in this big web, there are family secrets that come out and there may be some sexual situations. I will say that Lane is definitely a complicated character 100% but I liked her. I want to say that I relate to her with learning about serial killers but that is about it.

I give this book a 5, I enjoyed it from beginning to end. Though I will say that I did think the ending needed a bit more of tying up loose ends but I am hoping that we get some explanation in Killer Within which is the sequel to Killer Instinct. The book is a bit on the short side, I managed to finish it in a day (my friend ended up getting mad at me because I didn't make conversation at dinner because I was reading). As I read I kept gasping because as I read I tried to figure out who the serial killer was and every time I chose a character there was a twist and I was wrong. Definitely a must read if you enjoy reading about serial killers or just like thrillers!!


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Ender's Game ★★★★

First book review/thoughts, woohoo!! So I finally got around to reading this book and I loved it. When I first started reading it I could not put it down. Okay there is something you all should know about me. When it comes to certain books that have been adapted to film I can't just go out and watch the movie, I have to read the book first (this only applies to certain books).

With Ender's Game, I became attached to Ender, I loved him. In all honesty there was were a couple of times where I actually cried as I read this book (I know I sound crazy but it's true). I don't want to spoil anything for anyone but I know that this book has received many mixed reviews. Most of them are because of the author's personal viewpoint about gender or whatnot, while others have been about the pace of the book.

When it comes to the pace of the book it does start off fast in the beginning and it seems to slow down (drastically) toward the middle and it does pick up again at the end. For me the pace was not so bad because overall I did enjoy the story. I was rooting for Ender all the way.

Overall I think I would give this book a 4 - 4.5. The pacing did affect it a bit with the long middle section, though I did like that we got to know a bit more of Peter and Valentine. I think what really did it for me to make this book one of my favorites would be Ender. Even though he was being pushed to his breaking point, he kept going and although he had a few obstacles (for the lack of a better word) he still kept going, plus the kid was a genius! I do recommend this book because it is a must read at least once in your life or maybe just attempt to. Now I can officially watch the movie!


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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Reading Challenge 2016 (With Progress Update)

Okay, so this year I had set a goal of reading 40 books this year but realistically speaking that may not be possible so I have brought that number down to 30. Now, 30 is still pretty high but I can manage and if I happen to go over my goal then all the better. So here we go with my 30 books of the year in no specific order.

  • Harry Potter series (7 books)
  • Divergent series (4 books)
  • Janie Johnson series (4 books, read first 2 last year)
  • Anna series (Anna dressed in blood, 2 books)
  • Ender's Game
  • The Girl on the Train
  • Killer Within
  • Killer Instinct
  • The Giver Quartet (4 books)
  • If I Stay
  • Where She Went
  • The Alchemist
  • Gone Girl
  • The Hunger Games series (3 books)
Now, so far, according to my count I am over 30 books. My goal is to read 30 books and go over that. Some of these books I am reading for the second or third time but majority of them are new to me which is exciting. I shall keep you updated on my progress and possibly review them as I finish.

Today is January 27, 2016 and so far I have finished 3 books. Meaning that I am at 10%. So, Which books did I read? Drum roll please!!! (Drumming)

  1. Ender's Game
  2. Killer Instinct
  3. The Girl On The Train
  4. The voice on the Radio
  5. What Janie found
  6. What Janie saw (eBook)
I hope I can continue to update you as I finish the books!! (crosses fingers!) Please stay tuned for my opinions on these books!!

That is all for now.


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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Hi! My name is (what?) My name is (who?)

Hi! My name is Daisy and welcome to my blog!! As you can tell, I hope that you can, I'm an Eminem fan. I basically wanted to introduce myself. My short little bio does not say much about who I really am so hopefully this will give you a bit more of the person I truly am.

First off, I am from California, born and raised, but I do hope to move to the East coast later in life. When it comes to my spare time I am usually either reading, crocheting, working with clay, making plushies out of felt, or watching movies. Arts and crafts are a big part of my life and so far everything I have tried I have been good at, As this new year has started I have set a goal for myself and that is to read 30 books by the end of the year. 25 of which will be new to me and 5 will not. 

I am currently a full-time online student with Grand Canyon University. I am into my second year and cannot wait to graduate. My major is digital film with emphasis in production. I took a screenwriting class and immediately knew that writing was not for me. If you have ever taken a screenwriting class you know what I mean and if you haven't then look into it. I knew screenwriting was not for me because of all the rules that go into it. So my respects to all of you that do enjoy screenwriting! 

On to the purpose of this blog. I wanted to document things that went on during this year, whether it be my reading challenge or my newest project. I also thought about reviewing books I read or movies I watch. This blog will serve as a window into my life or at least a glimpse into it. 

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